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A Bright Financial Future

Welcome to Four Points! Life is an adventure and as you journey through it, your decisions about money impact not just your destination, but your financial well-being along the way. Each stage of the journey presents unique moments of opportunities and challenges. We prepare you for those moments with financial products, tools and information to help you reach your dreams.

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Every day you make decisions. Some small; others big. Your decisions about money affect your financial well-being. Each life stage presents new challenges and opportunities. We want to prepare you to overcome those challenges and seize opportunities with confidence, so we’re offering free tools and information to help you make wise decisions throughout the four financial points of life.

Four Points Logo symbol of four colored leafs, orange, blue, red and green
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What’s your big dream? Make it a reality with a home equity line of credit from Four Points. Our low-cost, flexible home equity loan options help you finance everything from that dream vacation you’ve always wanted to take to making your house your dream home.

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